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“My experience at the class was great, my Instructor James is very Knowledgeable, funny and very informative. I enjoyed being in his class. Thank you.”

— Fazal Mohammed

Good Morning! I wanted to thank you for being such a great teacher! I studied the information from the study guide as you encouraged us and knew almost every answer. Had plenty of time and was able to go back through and check every answer. You made the class fun and I appreciated your patience to make sure everyone understood the material and giving us real world examples. I plan on taking the prep course next weekend in Stuart then the state exam the following week. I’m hoping to run into you some day in town. I think you found your calling in teaching! Good Luck!

— Michelle

Vivian Gonzalez,
I wanted to say I am really thankful for having you as my teacher for the course…your teaching skills and overall pleasant and kind nature along with your meticulous approach to the subject was the recipe for success. Thanks again and now into the State Exam…wish you were my teacher for this one too.

— Christopher Crawford

“I’ve been using IFREC for years for both of my licenses. The school is wonderful and helped me achieve success in my career. Recently I tried to sign up for a class that was booked. Kelly Ansari was awesome, she found me a spot and got me in. She’s kind, sweet and very professional. You need to promote her! Thanks for everything!”

— Ricky Figueroa

“excellent program the instructor was outstanding”

— Joseph Beasley

“Amazing training! You will pass and learn much”

— Jennie Anne Medvic

“Very good experience. Thank you for an absolutely awesome instructor Ty!”

— Shelly

“My class was changed from an IN-class setting to an on line streaming class last minute. At first I was worried because I wasn’t sure how I would do in an on online class, (I’m old school), but after the first night I LOVED IT! Especially as a working adult, and I live 45 minutes from the nearest school. One thing would be nice to have the option of audio to ask questions instead of trying them out, that was cumbersome. My instructor was Ty Thomas, was great! He had great experiences to share for real life applications. A REAL teacher not a FAKE one like these universities offer.. (Rich Dad,Poor Dad). And I passed…. The real proof….”

— Betty Ross

Dick – I wanted to add my sincere appreciate to your school, and specifically Valleri Crabtree my instructor, and then Jim, who ran the broker cram. I never passed a single practice test I took and was very concerned, however, when I went in for the state test, it was as if everything I learned was right on top of my head and I passed. I am so grateful. The teaching techniques and learning techniques from Valleri were particularly helpful and I am a strong supporter of your school. I also took my Sales Licensing here, continuing ed here and in every case, I was a first try pass. So thank all of you. Your staff is very helpful as well, particularly Nicole.

— David Bales

I highly recommend taking your real estate sales license class with an IFREC school/instructor. When investing in your career you can expect top notch from IFREC vs independent schools. I took my real estate license class in Orlando with IFREC and I could see the difference and glad I did. Vickie A. Hart Hart to Hart Real Estate

— Vickie Hart

Love it! What an absolutely wonderful educational experience. I look forward to becoming a real estate agent and possibly a broker!
Thank you IFREC and staff especially Robin for all your help and guidance!
I recommend this school and the teacher I had…Brenda!! She’s wonderful!!
Thank you!

— Laurie Sims

Hi, Dawn and Robin: Thank you for inviting me to the brunch open house event. I enjoyed connecting with the other professionals and I really value all the time you spent with us today. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all that you and IFREC have done for agents and those who aspire to become an agent throughout the years. I am looking forward to seeing you much more often and partnering with you.

— Valencia Martin

Thank you for the great job instructing the Broker course. Thanks to all of your help, instruction, and test taking tips, I passed my state broker exam today!

It really was a pleasure spending the past three weekends in class with you and the group.

Thanks again and I hope we cross paths again in the near future at a class or other event.

— David Herring

Karen Ledet is a great teacher, she explained the math very well and gave great examples. She helped each of us when we got stuck on a question and understood it better!

— Beverly Rodriguez

Great Experience at IFREC- Thank you!

Hello Mr. Fryer,


My name is MaryStuart Day and I am a Broker Associate at Fannie Hillman + Associates in Winter Park. I have had the pleasure of hearing you speak, in the last 18 years of my Real Estate career, at ORRA.  I hope this email finds you well.

I wanted to share my positive experience and education with your company. When I have popped in or called on the phone, the ladies up front are extremely helpful. They went out of their way to make sure my new license number was correct on all the important websites, when it was not. They made special calls and provided great guidance on how to handle it. It worked!

More importantly, I have been extremely lucky to have one of the best instructors teach me over the past year from Ifrec.  Tricia Houseman is one amazing educator. I was honored to have her for my Broker’s Licensing Class (2 weeks long) last year and more recently for my 30-hour continuing education, Office Management. Tricia taught your course content with honest enthusiasm and passion. You can tell she truly loves teaching, not just in what she says, but it shows in how she teaches. I was taken back when she said how honored SHE was to spend her weekend with US. Now, that is something I have never heard a teacher say to their students….especially after teaching a previous class that week and over a weekend.

The best part of Tricia’s teaching was how she shared her real-life experiences of being a Broker in today’s market. This allowed us to correlate the textbook content to real life experiences, like how she created her business plan, ran her office, and the changes she made through different experiences. These current and real examples were priceless.

Tricia’s background and expertise in the different areas of Real Estate truly make her invaluable as a teacher. She made sure each student’s line of real estate work (residential, business broker, land development, franchise versus a 1 Broker shop…) were all included with teaching the content. I must add that the other students/Brokers were very vocal in singing her praises at lunch and on breaks about the knowledge they were getting from Tricia.

I work very hard, and I am blessed for being a successful Realtor for the past 18+ years, with selling over 20+ million a year. I love what I do because I love helping good and kind people…I wish money motivated me. However, in reflecting on this past weekend, it was refreshing to have a teacher that is motivated and so passionate about teaching. It is obvious that Tricia truly loves teaching and it shows!

Thank you for the great experience and I look forward to having more at IFREC. I will be there again this weekend for my last 30-hour Broker CE class. I will miss having Tricia this weekend, but I look forward to having her again in the future at IFREC. You are lucky to have her apart of your organization.


MaryStuart Day


— MaryStuart Day

I happily finished my week by passing the state exam on the 1st attempt.  So yes, you CAN teach on old dog new tricks.??

A special thanks to Tricia Houseman for being an outstanding and thorough instructor.  I felt as comfortable & confident taking the state exam as I did with the course exam.

I will definitely schedule my 45 hour post license course with Tricia.  ?

Thanks again, Tricia.

— Thomas Wilson

This is Arlene Lowery, a student from the IFREC Sales Associate State Exam Prep Course given at the Elk’s Lodge 1079 on the weekend of October 5th and 6th.  I would appreciate it if you would let Dave Spada (can’t remember his last name correctly) know that it took two exams, but I passed the State exam yesterday.  I feel that it was that weekend of study and the course material that finally pushed me over the top.  I kept getting scores in the 70’s, but just couldn’t seem to pass the test before I attended Dave’s class.  His teaching ability is superior and I hope his dedication to your organization is appreciated.  I know I am grateful.


— Arlene Lowery

I just wanted to say thank you, to Dick and all of his staff. I have been using IFREC for over 20 years, took my Brokers Lisc. course, as well as the 14 hr.
Ya’ll do a great job!

— Dale Sereno

Just a quick..THANK YOU!! to everyone there at IFREC. Once again the state exam was..easier than the weekend prep class with Charli.

Your prep class last weekend was..wonderful and IFREC is the only place I will go for my real estate education needs. Now twice I have taken a state exam and..twice passed it easily.

Most of what you covered last weekend was on the exam today in Lakeland. Much easier than the math and concept prep in the 2018 book.

Thank you both!!!

Victor Wilburn

— Victor Wilburn

Broker Post License Instructor Charli Phelps was more than a most competent and easy to learn from Teacher as she was also one of the most knowledgeable Real Estate Professionals that I have had the pleasure of Learning from. As a Florida Real Estate School Instructor myself I take pride in going a little further to thoroughly explain the actual application in real life explanations of a particular concept, policy or FREC Statute. Charli did it as well or better than I. I sincerely hope that Charli will continue in the Real Estate Pre and Post Licensing field as I hope to learn more from her in the future. Thanks Charli for making Education FUN and Interesting! That is my Goal as well !

— Michael Hamilton Kuziv

I am an “older” than your usual student. I certainly had my misgivings about taking this class. My instructor was Valari Crabtree. She never seemed to doubt my ability to pass this course if I attended, listened and studied. Thanks to her and the other professionals at IFREC, I AM NOW A REALTOR.

— Ruthe Spivey

Good Morning Bill

I hope this e-mail finds you in good health and in good spirits. i know you’re a busy man so i’ll keep this brief. i just wanted to say thank you again for all the time and effort you invested into the home inspection class i attended in Feb-Mar. I passed the FABI state exam last week and will be set up for inspections very soon Lord willing. again, thank you and all the IFREC team who put out so much for so many. God Bless and have a wonderful day.


— Seth Bambauer

Mr. Fryer,

I am a recent IFREC Sales Associate and Florida State licensing exam graduate.  I now am licensed to sell real estate!

I would like to congratulate you on your choice of instructors. The professional and attentiveness of my teacher, Cheryl Davis, was crucial toward my passing the IFREC and state exams.

I flunked the Sales Associate class and test twice.  I went to Ms. Davis and explained my issues.  I left I would be a good agent, but was in need of advise.  I am dyslexic.  To be quite honest, at the age of 60+ I didn’t really consider this until I flunked the test for the second time.  In my school days, dyslexia was an unknown issue.  I was diagnosed in my late twenties.

Ms. Davis gave me vital study tips.  Use a ruler when reading so you don’t “word away”.  Help focus the brain by coloring and practicing the piano.  Recite IFREC study cards, chapter test questions and musical phrases three time.  Retrain my brain.  I came to her for advise and instruction.  I got both.  She told me as a teacher this was her job.  The third time I took the test in Orlando I made a 93!

I used these techniques to study for the state exam.  I passed the first time!

Thank you IFREC and Ms. Davis,

— J. West

Mr. Fryer,

I was the guy in class today that was wearing the “Air Cav” hat and just want you to know that I sincerely appreciated your closing statement at the end of the last class. 

I was not a “Hero” by any stretch of the imagination but as the saying goes;, “I did have the honor of serving along side of many of them”.  I was an RTO (Radio Operator) with the 1st Bn. 77th Field Artillery Regiment, First Cavalry Division (Airmobile) attached to the 2nd Bn. 12th Cavalry Regiment (Infantry).  To say I was Blessed would be a gross understatement. 

This truly is a Great Country we live in.  As proof to your closing statements that the opportunity is there for those that want it, I was a high school drop out, went in the service and went to work for others selling seafood.  I did pretty well but in 1997 I decided to get my real estate license.  I have a learning disability but after studying for 2 years, going in to work in Orlando around 4:00 a.m so I could study before starting work at 7:00 a.m., I sat for my salesman license and passed the first time.  3 years later I earned my brokers license on the first try as well.  I will be 69 in September and have no intention of retiring, at least as long as my health holds out (right now that pesky Agent Orange is holding all the cards). 

Quite often, like many vet’s, espically of our generation, we hear the phrase; “Thank You for Your Service”.  It truly was an honor to have the privilege to serve and to live to see, not only another day but also to hear your kind words.  

I wish you a long a prosperous life Mr. Fryer and if we could turn the clock back and you were able to serve with me, I’m absolutely positive you would have my back. 

Thank you Sir, today was a good day!

D. Morehead


— D. Morehead

I have truly enjoyed take the real estate class. I’m ready to start my new career in Real Estate. I highly recommend this course.

— Shannon Krieger

I enjoyed my Pre Licensing Sales Associate class. The instructors were professional and have an in-depth knowledge of real estate. They thoroughly prepared me for my class exam and the free review class was Excellent! (review class is not mandatory but TAKE IT!, it’s extremely helpful in preparing for the state exam.) I met great people in my class that I’m sure I will see again and again as I start my career. TIP: Be prepared for the class and your testing and try to read the class book before coming to class. It really does help. I passed both the class and the state exam the first time and I’m already employed at Keller Williams Winter Park.

— Bob Whittemore

IFREC has been a great resource throughout my career and is my preferred educational resource.

— Joseph Jordan

IFREC truly cares about their students!!! Caring and knowledgeable professors help you get the right start in the Real Estate Industry. My experience has been excellent. If you are looking for a school to head start your career, IFREC is it!! It was recommended to me by someone already working in the industry.

Michelle S Morales


Just wanted to thank Tricia Houseman for a tremendous job instructing the Sales Associate Pre-Licensing course that I attended in September. The class was taken during the hurricane season and through the stress of it all and attributing Tricia’s tremendous style of teaching, I passed the course!! Job well done, Tricia!! Much success to you in your future endeavors.

— Karen Hudson-Santiago

It was a lot of information but Dave presented it in a fun way that really stuck in my brain. The test prep reinforced everything, I took the state test a week later and passed on my first try!

— Hannah Jones

Having done my 63hrs online with another school, I feel like I wasn’t ready to take the exam. I signed up for the IFREC State Exam Prep class and Instructor Dave was incredibly good at clearing up all the doubts in my head including the ones I wasn’t aware of, and building my confidence to pass the exam. Along with the class workbook, Dave walked the students through all of the required content and clears the path for student success. I was VERY IMPRESSED with Dave’s ability to teach the content very clearly and provide great real life examples that one could relate to. Highly recommend this class before the exam.

— Jorge Arias

My names is Johnesha Gant.

Recently took the Sales associate Exam with Charli 10/13/17-10/31/17.
Took the Weekend Prep course with Dave 11/3/17-11/4/17.
Just passed my state exam yesterday 11/8/17!!!

Just wanted to let you guys know Charli was a great teacher and thanks to Dave suggesting the online prep course, got it Sunday night. This made me feel really prepared from being able to practice questions all the way up until Wednesday when it was time to test. Made it less stressful going in and was definitely a confidence booster! You guys were great the whole way through!

Thank you,

Johnesha Gant
Licensed Real Estate Agent 🙂

— Johnesha Gant

Bill is a GREAT teacher, and throughout the time of class, he ALWAYS said he would be available to us after class was over, and we were in the field. He has DEFINITELY exceeded any of my expectations. He PERSONALLY came to my first inspection, to give me more one on one insight. And even to this day Nov 11,2017 I know I can, and still do rely on him to answer any questions that I do have. He is without a doubt a valuable asset to aspiring Home Inspectors, IFREC, and I.

Stephen Perrone
Perrones Home Inspections Inc.

— Stpehen Perrone

Hi Ina,
I wanted to drop you a quick note to say Thank You for the great MLO class in August. I have never worked in this industry and it was all new info & terms for me. I took copious notes, highlighted where I felt you were trying to get a point across and studied for 2 weeks using the book, class notes and the CompuCram practice test. I was eventually (not at first) scoring in the upper 80’s & lower 90’s on the practice test and then I would go back over what I missed and study those items using course book & my notes.

I took the test on Oct. 10th and passed with a score of 76. The test is very hard test and I feel the class and your hints helped me pass the test. Keep up the outstanding teaching work and you are great!


Best regards,
Maurice Kearns

— Maurice Kearns

I have been a broker for 20 years in New York. I am now residing in Florida and I have decided to get my sales associate license. I was very impressed with the instructor and school. I will definitely be taking other classes here.

— Cynthia Cupo

A joy and a pleasure to learn from Mr. Scenti. A true asset to the school. His working knowledge and life experience sets him apart from others, ultimately giving the students enrolled an education no other could provide.

— April DeBoe

Bill Smith is a very good instructor and I really liked the way he taught the class. I can recommend this course 100%.

— Andrea Schekolin

My wife was successful with her Florida RE Sales exam yesterday, thanks in large part to Karen’s excellent prep class.

IFREC runs a terrific operation. We were lucky to have found you, and my wife benefitted from your prep class. I wish you continued success.

— Marie-Laurence Allman

I have taken 2 courses at IFREC Real Estate Schools with two different instructors of which both instructors were great. I had the pleasure of having Ina Williams as my first instructor. It has been on my heart to share my objective opinion about Ms. Williams. I felt that some students in our class may have taken out their lack of study ethics on her reviews, so I felt compelled to share my experience of her class.
Ms. Williams is a no bull instructor who says it like it is… we need more of that in the world. Her style of teaching is not like spoon feeding a child but feeding you real estate knowledge if your hungry to learn and put in the work. A strong point I would like to mention is that she doesn’t just teach the study guide, but the whole book. Her knowledge and experience exudes from her lectures. I am so thankful that I had Ina as my instructor.


— MK

I wanted to say thank you to IFREC. I passed my real estate exam yesterday and felt confident going in and during the test. I had an exceptional instructor in March, Ms. Beverly Pindling, at Stetson University. I also took the 2 day prep course a few times and studied the prep book and math materials provided during the prep class. Thank you for creating such a balanced program. I haven’t sat in a classroom in 20 years and know I wouldn’t be writing this letter today had it not been for the instruction and materials provided.

— Hope Vanderhei

I have passed the class (wheesshhhuuuu) and now I am studying for the 2 day state exam review class. You started it by calling me that one day when I was driving. I was undecided to begin and when you called me, I felt that push to sign up for the classes. When I took the course, I did not think I was going to pass. I did. One step at a time, as I am working 60-70 hour weeks currently and cant wait until the day I can work this many hours and get paid for them. Thank you for initiating my beginning. I look forward now to finishing the prep course and getting my license. Then, ???? find a good broker to get me going. Thank you.

— Andrew Armstrong

As an Information Technology (IT) professional with 51 years of experience I have attended well over a 100 professionally conducted training courses. Yes – I am embarking on a career change. In my professional opinion I am rating the IFREC team with 5 STARS. I have taken well over 2 dozen professional certification tests so I know what is required for test preparation. I live in the Jacksonville area and selected IFREC because of the convenient schedule you provided – yes I traveled 100+ miles one way to attend your classes.

I passed my Florida Broker Exam on the first try after the IFREC Broker state exam prep course. Not because I am smart, but only because of exceptional help I received from your instructors – Dave Spada and James Lowe. My results speak for their quality education.

— Dan Lucky

Thanks to IFREC school and their instructors I passed the Pre-License Class test on the first try and as of yesterday, the State Exam on the very first try.
The school, teachers, classes and learning material are excellent and put into a form for easy learning.
The rest is up to you. If you are committed to learning the material you will pass.
I highly recommend to take the State Exam Prep Classes several times and also pay for the online State Prep Exam Course.
I decided to make the sacrifice to put my education first and it payed off and now can't wait to see where this new career leads me!

— Wendy Bryan

IFREC is more than just a Real Estate School. IFREC has instructors specialized in many different fields of real estate who offer their “real field experiences”. The instructors at IFREC share their stories with the classrooms. Learning in this kind of atmosphere carries far into the field after the tests have been taken. When you leave an IFREC course you are not only set up for success to pass the test – you are ready to begin your career. You will leave with an abundance of confidence and knowledge to succeed! IFREC wants you to succeed in the real estate career. Thank you IFREC!

— Susan Sanchez

Hi Karen,
Just wanted you to know I passed the state exam yesterday – thanks to your excellent tutorial skills. Anyone who attends your 2 day session, takes reasonable notes, listens carefully and reviews the material, should pass the exam.

All the best,
Mike Stetson

— Mike Stetson

This is a new adventure for me as a single senior looking for a way to be helpful to others and keep an active lifestyle as a senior. I had to do the course exam 2 times and passed on the second time taking a second course with valleri crabtree. I love going to school and learning such interesting rules and regulations to help me become the best realtor I can, after passing the course exam I went on to the state exam and after taking the test four times I was able with help from the weekend classes to pass the test. I didn’t give up and recommend anyone who struggles not to give up. You can do it but it takes work and serious study habits. I’m going to love this new adventure and I’m ready. Good luck you can do it. Gail

— Gail Gruman

My teacher this weekend was absolutely phenomenal! I’m exuberant. I had a great experience and I learned so much. Thanks for making something so tedious as interesting as possible!

My teacher was so entertaining. He made the lesson very fun. It was a long two day prep course. He was very knowledgeable and easy was easy to approach abut any questions. Thank you. You’re Great!

Charli Phelps was fantastic. I had heard over and over from industry professionals how boring the CAM class could be. Charli was able to make the material interesting. She was extremely knowledgeable, professional, engaging and energetic. Hands down, I will refer all I come in contact with to IFREC for this class. Very impressed and satisfied with her as an instructor.

— Travis Brant

My instructor made the studying entertaining and helped me to retain the information.

Hey Randy,

This is Harry I took your real estate sales associates cram class maybe three weekends ago. It had been about a year since I had taken my class or studied for the exam going into your class I was sure I was going to match the statistics and fail on my first try. After your class I went into the test confident in my ability to get a 100%, I passed the exam the Tuesday after. the fact that I was able to have a rapid refresh and pass my state exam on the first try proves how in depth your two day class was. I greatly appreciate you being able to do that for me. More recently I have been trying to get the ball rolling under Keller Williams and so far I really am enjoying the work.

Thank you for your rapid teachings,

Harry B.

— Harry Bass-Terpstra

Hi Charli I was in your cram class last weekend. I just wanted to tell you that I could kiss you right on the lips! (Too much disclosure?) LOL Because of you I passed my state exam yesterday. You helped my confidence so much! When I sat down I felt like I was ahead and gaining when before I felt like I was behind and losing. BAM! Done and done!

— Larry Wilson

My Name is Merielle Molina, I am 39 years old and I am looking forward to a successful career in Real Estate. I feel extremely grateful to be one of the recipient of the Robert Greene Memorial Scholarship. “Don’t dream your life, live your Dream”

Sincerely and most grateful

— Merielle Molina

Dear Dave,
I wanted to take a moment to make sure you know that your efforts in teaching real estate truly matter and make a difference in people’s lives. The feelings of accomplishment that come with the attached Broker license run deep and convey a unique satisfaction, …given the opportunities now open. I know that attainment of this goal (for me) would NOT have been possible without the instruction I received from you. So, please accept my sincere appreciation for how good you are at what you do. It has truly been a pleasure meeting and working with you.

— Josh Croff

When I first signed up for the one week 63 hours class, I really didn’t think that i was going to make it. I passed my real estate state exam on the first try after my 2 days review at IFREC.. The staff are always ready to serve and make sure that each individual person that walks into their office get to achieve their real estate dream. Both teachers from the 63 hours class and the 2 days review were phenomenals. I will use IFREC again for any continuing education. The teachers, facility and staff make it an easy environment to learn. It was really a joy and a great experience.

— Christian Ngoie

I just wanted to say thank again for allowing Kristen and myself to pay for a and host private class. While it seemed costly at the time I will say it was worth every penny, and I’m glad I didn’t have to wait until fall. I took my state exam today and nailed it on the first try! I felt prepared and ready, nervous of course. Our instructor was great and I really appreciated everything.

— Rebecca J

I took the Real Estate Sales Associate course with you at IFREC and just wanted to commend you on the outstanding job you did preparing me for the state exam. As many students who have taken your courses can vouch, you are by far the best instructor IFREC has to offer. I am glad to say I passed the state exam on my first attempt with ease because of your superb efforts in readying all your students with the tools necessary for success. I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful job you have done, helping people in pursuit of a career in Real Estate. Because of your outstanding efforts I will do all my continuing education with IFREC and I hope to work with you again in the near future. Thank you again, you have my utmost gratitude.


— Anthony L

Just wanted to let you know that your wonderful knowledge and teaching allowed me to pass my exam on the first try last Thursday. Since then I have received an offer to do an internship with a Management Company to learn all the day-to-day functions of a CAM.  I am really excited about this opportunity.  I will decide if I want to pursue with this company. If not, at a minimum, l will have some day-to-day exposure of the life as a CAM and be able to market myself to other organizations. The test took me about an hour and a half to complete.  There were no big surprises on there.  The handouts you are providing during the cram are perfect prep for the test.  Thanks again for everything.

I would like to thank Karla Robinson for her excellent teaching. I took the end of course last week and passed with 92, then I took the state exam today and I passed the exam without taking any state exam review courses. I couldn’t make it without her, because several topics I found in the state exam were discussed by her in detail during class. I also want to thank Dave Spada who taught the second half of the course. Both guided and prepared me very well for both exams, the end of course exam and the state exam. Thank you very much.

— Steve L

If you are looking for success I highly recommend IFREC. I had an amazing teacher Karla Robinson and she taught a former EMT/Firefighter the essentials I needed to successfully become a Sales Associate. I’ve now passed my State Exam and will follow up on continuing education at IFREC. Thank you for making my dream a reality!

— Sarah R

I attended your weekend refresher course this past weekend for the Broker exam. I passed the exam today. The weekend course was extremely helpful in refreshing my memory about the material, as I had taken the 72 hour course last summer.

I enjoyed my exprience with IFREC and will certainly be a repeat customer for my continuing education. I really appreciate that IFREC followed through on its scheduled class at our GLCAR office in Tavares. It was great being able to take the class close to home (I’m in Leesburg) instead of having to commute into Orlando for all of those days. Your instructors have been great, with lots of real world experience and examples to apply to the material.

— Leslie R

Thank you so so much and now you can count me as one of your successful students – I passed !!!!!!!!!!!!

Your strategy really helped me to stay disciplined and confident and in a rhythm, even when guessing. I’ve also found that using your imagination in picturing a great outcome helps to calm me and keep me focused and confident too. Thanks again for all your help and I’ll be looking forward to taking your 2 post-licensing classes on Investment Analysis and the Brokerage Business!

Sincerely with much relief but with more gratitude! THANKS!!!!

— Eric R

Ty, I was in your week long Sales Associate course, and Charli, I was one of the guys sitting on the back row of your state exam prep course last weekend thoroughly enjoying your energy and dance moves. I just wanted to write both of you and thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise! I had both of your voices swimming in my head during the State Exam… which I successfully passed on the first try! Can’t report that there were any surprises on the exam. Everything was sufficiently covered in both of your classes. I just wanted to write and say THANKS A TON!!!! I’m super excited to get started on this new journey! Perhaps our paths will cross again when I’m back in August taking my post licensing course! Take care and see ya out there!

— Matt M

I thought you would be interested in hearing from one of your students. I took the CAM class with Charli back in April 2011. I followed up months and months later with the CAM CRAM and still did not sit for the test.

Well, I finally decided that it was time to put the test behind me and become an LCAM. I took the test March 7, 2012 almost a year after the mandatory course and passed. The test as you are aware is a three hour test. With your concise teaching, I took one hour to answer the 100 questions with a PASS test score.

Once again, thanks.

— Cheryl G., LCAM

Hi Randy – I attended your recent prep class in Stuart. I took the state exam last Wednesday and passed. I am so thrilled. Thank you so very much. Your class was extremely helpful . It clarified so much information that I was unsure about. So glad to have that test behind me.
Have a great day!

— Suzie B.

I attended the State Exam Prep Course this past weekend – I just wanted you to know that I took the exam yesterday and PASSED! (first try) As recommended by IFREC, I took the prep course twice, mainly because after completing the first prep course I called to schedule my test and couldn’t sit for the test for another three weeks – I figured it couldn’t hurt. Thank you and IFREC for helping me attain my goal. Maybe I’ll be lucky to have you for an instructor for my post-license course.

— Lori M

Ms. Beverly,
I would just like to extend a hand of gratitude and give you some well deserved praise. You are an overly exceptional teacher and the knowledge that you were able to instill within such a short period of time is a testament to your tremendous teaching ability and insight to the world of real estate. I appreciate your style of teaching and it was a true privilege to have been one of your students. I was a little unsure about my performance on the class exam last night when I found myself second guessing some of my answers. But I used some of your helpful hints and I am quite sure that those mental tools made the difference. I passed thanks to a wonderful teacher and am very excited to move on to the state exam to achieve my goal of becoming a licensee.

Thank you once again and I look forward to next time we cross paths.

— Kurt K

I would like to give feed back on the office staff. Although student contact is limited and they are away from the classroom, Jane Lappano and Nicole Rispoli are very helpful. Professionalism and enthusiasm is displayed in every encounter with them.They are very pleasant. I went by with a question on one of the resource books and Jane was very happy to assist me and did so right away. A lot of businesses do not realize it but the office staff can lure customers in or chase customers away. They seem very happy to do their job. I just wanted to thank them and let them know their efforts are not unnoticed.

— Tranita R

I want to thank Charli Phelps, David Spada and Jim Lowe for their teaching skills as demonistrated within the Broker Course and Broker Prep Course. I passed the Florida Broker test on my first attempt.
Best regards,

— Bob W

Charli is the best. Ever. This is my 3rd class with IFREC and she has been my teacher 2 times. (lucky me)!!! Love your school and all of the faculty. Friendly and knowledgeable 😉 Even the office and admissions staff are to be commended. Thank you for the greatest education I could have ever asked for 🙂

— Gwen P.

Thank you so much. I just checked my passing grade and it was amazing (92 out of 100). I just wanted to send a special thank you to our amazing teacher, Ms. Karla Robinson. The way she introduced the material to us was absolutely easy to learn with real life examples. She definitely has a passion to teach. All the students in our class had an absolutely great time while taking the post-license sales associate class. Thank you very much! I look forward to signing up for additional classes with IFREC school. I can’t thank you enough for the location in Stetson University at Celebration. You are the best! Warm regards,

— Elena

Thanks to your expert instruction and a complete reading of all the law related chapters. I am happy to say that I passed the Law Exam in Ft. Lauderdale. Now I need to take the 60 hour post-licensing class which unfortunately seems to only be offered in the Orlando area or online. No matter I will persevere and get it done. I really enjoyed your class. The clarification of what FREC and the DRE’s duties were helped a lot. You seemed to cover everything. Thank you.

— Wendy D

Dear Miss Beverly,
I wanted to write this evening and Thank You again for being such a great teacher.
I passed the State Exam today, first try. I know your advice to form study groups
helped us all immensely, but it was your guidance and your teaching that gave us the
knowledge and the courage to go for it! Many of your students have passed already,
as I’m sure you’ve been hearing, and that is a testament to your skill as a great teacher.
Thank you Miss Beverly! I hope I get to take all my classes with you, you are the Best.

— Jennifer T

Randy, this is David Singh I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you. I just got my test result and received a 93. I appreciate your teaching style and sharing of personal practical experiences, it truly adds value to the class. You are very good at teaching and hopefully IFREC recognizes your value to their organization. I look forward to one day doing my continuing education and Brokers class with you. Thanks again for all your help.

— David Singh


I just wanted to thank you for your preparation for the Broker’s exam. I found that I was prepared to be successful in passing the State exam and, for that, I am indebted to you. I took and passed the exam on May 31, 2013. I really appreciate your hard work and dedication to the class. You are a great teacher. Thanks, again.

— Jose Cantero

I Love IFREC! I just passed my state exam on my first try! I had just taken my 63 hr course in June and did well on the classroom exam to get my certificate of completion. The day after I found out I passed the classroom exam, I took the weekend state exam prep course. Two weeks later was my state exam and I studied the state prep book and went over what I learned in class. Having such great instructors, I feel helped me in my success. I learned so much from Randy and Adam. The way they teach, keeps you interested and helps you remember the material needed to pass both exams. I highly recommend IFREC and cannot wait to take my post licensing course in August.


— Natalie Wile

Hello Ty!
I took your week Sales Associate class from June 3-9th. First of all, I want to say Thank you! For offering such a great class. I learned so much, and at the same time you made it entertaining with your stories and laughter. Even though the week was a hard and long one, you made it go by easily.

I took the review on July 6th and 7th and that also helped to fill in the blanks. On July 11th I went and took my state test and passed it on the first try! I can not tell you how happy, excited and trilled I was that I was able to pass it. I know I studied very hard and did very well on the class test, but I believe that being in your class made all the difference. Thank you soooo much, for being such a wonderful teacher!

— Brigitte Martinez

Hey Ty,
Just a note of thanks. I passed my Brokers state exam today and I could not have done it with out your knowledge and your ability to teach it so I could understand it. Again, Kudos!

— Thomas D Miller, Licensed Real Estate BROKER!

Hello Ty and Dave
I wanted to say a huge thank you to both of you. I took Dave’s weekend prep class on 9/7 & 9/8. And I took Ty’s this past weekend, 9/21 & 9/22. I took the state exam today and successfully passed the first time.

I had taken the 63 hours online due to family constraints. I was recommended by a realtor friend of my husband’s to the IFREC prep class. I am so thrilled I listened to that advice.

Your suggestions of taking the class twice with different instructors was extremely beneficial. I learned the same thing in different ways from each of you. You each highlighted the same things with a different approach. Both of your suggestions of reading the questions twice was also marvelous.

After attending Dave’s class first, I did sign up for the online test prep. What a tremendous help that was. Then I attended Ty’s class and went home each night to test myself on what you had each covered. By Monday night I had completed a 422 question test with an 89% accuracy.

I felt ready and was confident, with Ty’s affirmations swirling in my head. I am also someone who usually experiences test anxiety too. I did absolutely no studying today, went in and PASSED.

I wanted to truly say Thank You. If your students listen to you, don’t over analyze (as many seemed to do this past weekend) & pay attention they would all succeed.
Thank you again and hope to have our paths cross again.

— Melanie R Kayaleh

Good afternoon Randy,
This is Layla Hamilton, one of your IFREC students back from the Vero Beach class that began in July. I took the Real Estate Sales Associate State Exam yesterday at the Pearson Vue Testing center in Orlando and…………… I passed on my first try!!!

I just wanted to say thank you, your teaching techniques really helped me retain information. If my professors in college would have taught with half the enthusiasm you do, I may have very well graduated with a 4.0 🙂 Thanks again!

— Layla Hamilton

I passed the 63 hr class, and took the state review at ifrec. I took and passed the state lic. Class the next week, on the first attempt! I will recommend IFREC to anyone needing your services. I am leaving to sell timeshare tomorrow in neuvo vallarta.

— Joe B.

I had taken an online course and felt that I still didn’t really understand alot of the material. But thanks to your real estate refresher course ( as taught by Charli) I passed with no problem at all. Charli’s ability to bring the material to life with real world examples made all the difference! Thanks IFREC and I will be back to take the 45 hr post licensing class.

— Donna Cialone

Hey Randy,
Since Thursday morning I’m a State licensed Sales Associate. Maybe it’ll improve the States statistics on first time test takers 🙂 Anyway, I just want to say again that it was really enjoyable taking your class. I doubt it if I had anyone else as a teacher that I would of passed the test this easily the first time. The examples from your life experiences helped me very much and made it easier to understand many things much better… Hope to see you again in some future class.Keep up the good humor.

— Tadeusz Horvath “TED”

I just wanted to let you know I passed my state exam. I imagined you being beside me taking the test, breaking each question down like you did in class. I could hear you say Melody read the question 3 times before you answer. Thank you for sharing your gift of teaching.

— Melody Ostrom

I just wanted to thank you again for the care and attention to detail that you applied to our course. I felt like you made an extreme effort to speak to each of us individually…even while in a group (if that makes since). I have taken and passed the FABI exam and I did quite well on it. I have had a lot of trouble in the past with following instructors but I had the absolute opposite in your class. You are great at what you do and I would be very interested in working with a Master in the future. Thanks again Bill!

— Bernard R. Cohen II

THANKS TO YOU I PASSED!!! After taking the real estate sales associate course online I struggled to pass the state exam. After trying and failing three times I decided to take the weekend state exam prep course for sales associates. My instructors name was Ty Thomas and he was AMAZING! Giving examples and telling stories to relate the topics to real world example really helped me to understand the concepts. I retook my state exam two days later and PASSED!!! I would recommend IFREC pre-licensing and exam prep courses to everyone. Thank you again!

— Christina Brown

Hi Randy,
Just a quick FYI & Hello!
Peter & I just took our State Broker exam & passed! Feeling much relief… Much thanks to you & your expert classroom experience. Many of your classroom explanations & real-life sharing contributed to our successful passing of the State exam. Much of what we experienced “in class,” resonated and certainly resulted in correct answers.

— Doug & Peter… (The Jersey Boyz)

Dear Ms. Lappano,
I wanted to write this letter to let you know that I was very impressed with the knowledge and professionalism of the teachers and programs at your school. I had the benefit of learning from Karen, Ty and Charli. The material was accurate and your instructors were great at explaining it in a fashion that was easy to learn and understand.

This was my second time taking a class at your school and I will continue my education there and will recommend it to anyone that us serious about learning Real Estate.

I passed both the class test and the State Exam 1st time taking them. I found that your course and prep classes were excellent in providing all information needed and the instructors are outstanding at teaching it. I would give your school and teachers an “A+” rating.


— Pamela Costa, Licensed Real a Estate Sales Associate

I wanted to share a SINCERE thank you to Brenda DeArmond, Ty Thomas and Ina Williams for contributing to my success of passing the state exam for Sales Associate on the FIRST try! They each were an important part of me being successful! They all delivered great information. I had a plan, stuck with it and it worked! I did my class, then immediately went to the state exam prep course over the weekend, used the next weekend to study then went back the following weekend to the prep course again. In between all that time I constantly had the prep exam notebook with me studying. At lunch, sitting in my car at work and studying! I only used the textbook from class to help with areas I felt I didn’t understand and used it to reread the articles. It paid off, thanks to all of you! I felt the exam to actually be very easy with over 80 questions a breeze! Very few that I didn’t feel as strong with. So THANK YOU to each of you. I WILL be using IFREC in the future for any other classes I will be needing.

— Tammy Hunn

Got my Brokers license……..test was a BREEZE. I finished so quickly I was afraid I did something wrong…so I re did the entire test again while the clock was ticking away. LOL. Jim Lowe is a fantastic teacher. Thank you!!!

— Wendy Paradise-Chase

I just wanted to say how extremely appreciative I am of both Ty and Charlie’s time and knowledge they poured
into me. I had taken the Broker Test and failed as I had done an online class. As soon as I was told by a friend to
take the Broker Cram Course with Ty & Charlie I am HAPPY to say I passed and am now on my way to a new and exciting future. Thank you both so much for being such great teachers!!!

— Cheryl Nettles

Thank you Charli!!! EVERY POINT you focused on in the prep class helped me answer test questions. I took the online  course, so the 2 day prep was sooooo important. IFREC has amazing instructors who are knowledgable and friendly. I will definitely use you for my post licensure. Highly recommend!!! THANK YOU

— Rebecca Price