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Since 1983, Florida’s full service real estate school includes real estate pre and post license, mortgage, appraiser, CAM, home inspection, NAR designations, state exam prep. Live instructor led classes or online. Scholarships available. We’re saving you a seat!


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Loan originator’s pre-license course, state and national prep courses, continuing education. Live instructor led or on line available. Meets all federal requirements.


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Since 2004, Florida’s only live instructor led 120 hour class complete with 2 on site field inspections covering electrical, HVAC, plumbing, roof, structure, site conditions, report writing and marketing tips. Class size limited to 15 students. Save your seat today.


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The first step to enter the appraisal industry and learn to evaluate, research and report on residential properties.

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A person who manages the common property and services of condominiums, cooperatives, and planned communities through their homeowners’ or community associations.

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With years of enthusiastic student reviews and successful pass rates after attending its popular weekend state exam prep course for salesperson and broker, real estate schools and colleges will refer their pre-license students to IFREC to ensure passing the state exam. Whether live classroom presentation or online courses, IFREC has remained the prestigious leader in real estate education in Central Florida since 1983. Offering courses  and professional designations in every level of the real estate industry, IFREC takes each student from beginner to entrepreneur in a profession where only the best educated student can determine his/her own worth. Today is your opportunity to join the many thousands of IFREC graduates. We’re Saving You a Seat!

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  • Hi Karen,
    Just wanted you to know I passed the state exam yesterday – thanks to your excellent tutorial skills. Anyone who attends your 2 day session, takes reasonable notes, listens carefully and reviews the material, should pass the exam.

    All the best,
    Mike Stetson

    Mike Stetson
  • This is a new adventure for me as a single senior looking for a way to be helpful to others and keep an active lifestyle as a senior. I had to do the course exam 2 times and passed on the second time taking a second course with valleri crabtree. I love going to school and learning such interesting rules and regulations to help me become the best realtor I can, after passing the course exam I went on to the state exam and after taking the test four times I was able with help from the weekend classes to pass the test. I didn’t give up and recommend anyone who struggles not to give up. You can do it but it takes work and serious study habits. I’m going to love this new adventure and I’m ready. Good luck you can do it. Gail

    Gail Gruman
  • My teacher this weekend was absolutely phenomenal! I’m exuberant. I had a great experience and I learned so much. Thanks for making something so tedious as interesting as possible!

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