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Since 1983, Florida’s full service real estate school includes real estate pre and post license, mortgage, appraiser, CAM, home inspection, NAR designations, state exam prep. Live instructor led classes or online. Scholarships available. We’re saving you a seat!


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Loan originator’s pre-license course, state and national prep courses, continuing education. Live instructor led or on line available. Meets all federal requirements.


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Since 2004, Florida’s only live instructor led 120 hour class complete with 2 on site field inspections covering electrical, HVAC, plumbing, roof, structure, site conditions, report writing and marketing tips. Class size limited to 15 students. Save your seat today.


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The first step to enter the appraisal industry and learn to evaluate, research and report on residential properties.

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A person who manages the common property and services of condominiums, cooperatives, and planned communities through their homeowners’ or community associations.

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With years of enthusiastic student reviews and successful pass rates after attending its popular weekend state exam prep course for salesperson and broker, real estate schools and colleges will refer their pre-license students to IFREC to ensure passing the state exam. Whether live classroom presentation or online courses, IFREC has remained the prestigious leader in real estate education in Central Florida since 1983. Offering courses  and professional designations in every level of the real estate industry, IFREC takes each student from beginner to entrepreneur in a profession where only the best educated student can determine his/her own worth. Today is your opportunity to join the many thousands of IFREC graduates. We’re Saving You a Seat!

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  • Good Morning Bill

    I hope this e-mail finds you in good health and in good spirits. i know you’re a busy man so i’ll keep this brief. i just wanted to say thank you again for all the time and effort you invested into the home inspection class i attended in Feb-Mar. I passed the FABI state exam last week and will be set up for inspections very soon Lord willing. again, thank you and all the IFREC team who put out so much for so many. God Bless and have a wonderful day.


    Seth Bambauer
  • Mr. Fryer,

    I am a recent IFREC Sales Associate and Florida State licensing exam graduate.  I now am licensed to sell real estate!

    I would like to congratulate you on your choice of instructors. The professional and attentiveness of my teacher, Cheryl Davis, was crucial toward my passing the IFREC and state exams.

    I flunked the Sales Associate class and test twice.  I went to Ms. Davis and explained my issues.  I left I would be a good agent, but was in need of advise.  I am dyslexic.  To be quite honest, at the age of 60+ I didn’t really consider this until I flunked the test for the second time.  In my school days, dyslexia was an unknown issue.  I was diagnosed in my late twenties.

    Ms. Davis gave me vital study tips.  Use a ruler when reading so you don’t “word away”.  Help focus the brain by coloring and practicing the piano.  Recite IFREC study cards, chapter test questions and musical phrases three time.  Retrain my brain.  I came to her for advise and instruction.  I got both.  She told me as a teacher this was her job.  The third time I took the test in Orlando I made a 93!

    I used these techniques to study for the state exam.  I passed the first time!

    Thank you IFREC and Ms. Davis,

    J. West
  • Mr. Fryer,

    I was the guy in class today that was wearing the “Air Cav” hat and just want you to know that I sincerely appreciated your closing statement at the end of the last class. 

    I was not a “Hero” by any stretch of the imagination but as the saying goes;, “I did have the honor of serving along side of many of them”.  I was an RTO (Radio Operator) with the 1st Bn. 77th Field Artillery Regiment, First Cavalry Division (Airmobile) attached to the 2nd Bn. 12th Cavalry Regiment (Infantry).  To say I was Blessed would be a gross understatement. 

    This truly is a Great Country we live in.  As proof to your closing statements that the opportunity is there for those that want it, I was a high school drop out, went in the service and went to work for others selling seafood.  I did pretty well but in 1997 I decided to get my real estate license.  I have a learning disability but after studying for 2 years, going in to work in Orlando around 4:00 a.m so I could study before starting work at 7:00 a.m., I sat for my salesman license and passed the first time.  3 years later I earned my brokers license on the first try as well.  I will be 69 in September and have no intention of retiring, at least as long as my health holds out (right now that pesky Agent Orange is holding all the cards). 

    Quite often, like many vet’s, espically of our generation, we hear the phrase; “Thank You for Your Service”.  It truly was an honor to have the privilege to serve and to live to see, not only another day but also to hear your kind words.  

    I wish you a long a prosperous life Mr. Fryer and if we could turn the clock back and you were able to serve with me, I’m absolutely positive you would have my back. 

    Thank you Sir, today was a good day!

    D. Morehead


    D. Morehead
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