IFREC's History in Real Estate Education

The Institute of Florida Careers (IFREC), founded in 1983 by Dick and Judy Fryer, has become the Central Florida leader in real estate and mortgage education.  In June of 2020, IFREC was acquired by Gold Coast Schools as part of expanding beyond the South Florida market where Gold Coast served as a leader in classroom, online, and distance learning since 1970.

The merger allows Gold Coast to increase its online and continuing education components while students of IFREC will have access to a broader range of courses at Gold Coast Schools including Spanish real estate courses, insurance, contractors, mortgage and appraisal.

Both IFREC and Gold Coast share a commitment to excellence when it comes to the quality of the education that students receive, and the support students need to obtain and renew their professional licenses.  Together, Gold Coast Schools and IFREC serve nearly 100,000 students annually and have combined to serve more than two million students.

We would like to take a moment to welcome everyone who is looking to obtain and renew their license, and look forward to the opportunity to be your school of choice.