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Appraisal Course Tracks:

Registered Trainee | Certified Residential Appraiser
Appraisal Post License | Appraisal CE

Registered Trainee

The following courses are the required courses for a Registered Appraisal Trainee.

Full package available - All 5 Courses $1295.

Basic Appraisal Principles (30 hours) $399
Basic appraisal course provides an overview of real property concepts and characteristics, legal considerations, value influence, real estate finance, types of value, economic principles, real estate markets and analysis, and ethics in appraisal.  Through theory, case studies and examples, this course offers practical application of appraisal principles. Course Formats & Schedules

Basic Appraisal Procedures (30 hours) $399
Course provides an overview of real estate appraisal approaches to value, valuation procedures, property description, residential and commercial applications, construction and home inspection, and appraisal math. 
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USPAP Course (15 hours) $299
The purpose of these Standards is to establish requirements for professional appraisal practice, which includes appraisal, consulting, and review, as defined. The intent of these Standards is to promote and maintain a high level of public trust in professional appraisal practices. Now approved for CE credits for NACHI & FABI members. Course Formats & Schedules

Residential Report Writing (15 hours) $199
Course focuses on the variety of form reports in use by residential appraisers today; the URAR, 2055-drive-by-format and others.  Students will gain valuable insight into how to fill out these forms properly, in compliance with USPAP and other guidelines.  Sources will be given for comparable sales, flood mapping, census tract maps and other information necessary for form completion. Course Formats & Schedules

State of Florida Law and Appraisers (15 hours) $199
One of the hottest topics in appraisal: adequately and efficiently supervising the beginning trainee.  Many established appraisers would like to grow their business, but are concerned that training apprentices takes too much time, creates a high level of risk and costs too much.  Many have taken on the supervisory appraiser role with no comprehensive plan and little guidance, resulting in inefficient and unproductive training.  This course remedies that step-by-step, addressing concerns of the supervisory appraiser and demonstrating how to efficiently train an entry-level appraiser to the highest standards while keeping liability in check. Course Formats & Schedules

Certified Residential Appraiser

The following courses are the required courses for a Certified Residential Appraiser.

Market Analysis & Highest and Best Use (15 hours) $199
Identifying and analyzing market forces affecting buyers’ and sellers’ behavior is key to understanding and reporting values.  Course is designed to give students the tools needed to properly collect and analyze market data.  In addition, the theory of highest and best use is reviewed.  The two-step analysis along with the four tests for highest and best use are covered in detail. Course Formats & Schedules

Residential Sales Comparisons & Income Approaches (30 hours) $399
Gain a basic understanding and knowledge of the residential sales comparison and income approaches.  Course includes the valuation principles and procedures applicable to both approaches.  With the aid of case studies, students will develop and apply techniques for market analysis, including application and use of matched pairs and capitalization rates and gross rent multipliers. Course Formats & Schedules

Residential Site Valuation & Cost Approach (15 hours) $199
Course gives students valuable insight and working knowledge of various theories and methodologies for arriving at residential site values and applying the cost approach in everyday appraisal work. Course Formats & Schedules

Advanced Residential Applications and Case Studies (15 hours) $199
Course focuses on complex properties that include valuing unique and high-end residential dwellings, common-wall structures and residential properties with substantial and, sometimes unique, accessory structures and/or amenities.  The textbook makes strong use of case studies for discussion, analysis, and problem solving to evaluate students’ knowledge of challenging residential appraisal assignments and develop the expertise to recognize and address those situations at the Certified Residential level. Course Formats & Schedules

Statistics, Modeling and Finance (15 hours) $199
Course is designed to provide students both the theory and practice of statistics, real estate finance and valuation modeling for today’s Certified Residential appraiser.  The first half of the text outlines terminology and basic statistics principles, including practical applications in statistical analysis.  The last half presents an explanation of real estate markets, terms of financing and real-world examples of how financing affects the value of real property.
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Mastering Unique & Complex Property Appraisals (20 hours) $269
This course will raise the awareness of the scope of work involved with assignments other than the everyday single-family residential appraisal.  It is written to remind and reassure appraisers that any appraisal problem can be solved and equip them with the necessary skills to recognize an resolve the problem. Property types discussed include mixed-use, unusual, income-producing and one-of-a-kind.  Applications using various problem-solving techniques are demonstrated and will also help build confidence and skill in this area.
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Appraisal Post License Courses

The below courses are approved post license courses.
Course Descriptions available under specific tracks above.

Appraisal Continuing Education Courses

Purchase 30 hr. Package for $449 ($625 sold separately)

You MUST complete the 7 hr. USPAP and 3 hr. Florida law* update in addition to 20 hrs. of Specialty credits.

The below courses are approved for specialty continuing education credits.
Course Descriptions available under specific tracks above.


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Appraisal Licensing Changes

Education / Experience Requirements Accelerated

  • Candidates working toward their Certified Residential Appraiser License MUST complete their 2500 hours of experience no later than January 1, 2009.
  • If this requirement is NOT met, they will be required to meet BOTH educational requirements of 200 hours of specific appraisal instruction AND have a minimum of an Associate Degree (or 21 semester credit hours in specific course work).
  • Please visit the  website for specific education questions or any other specific questions regarding these requirements.